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Bullmastiff: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a particular problem since the trait is an autosomal dominant one.
Retinitis pigmentosaProgressive retinal atrophyDogAmerican Cocker Spaniel

Question 2: ________ affecting 2.8% of specimens[3]
HypothyroidismHashimoto's thyroiditisHypopituitarismGraves' disease

Question 3: The Roloff family on ________ has a Bullmastiff named Rocky.
Little People, Big WorldOregonPortland, OregonMatthew Roloff

Question 4: In the movie "________" (1939) the hound was a Bullmastiff chosen for his abnormally large size for that of a dog, and of the breed in particular.
John Watson (Sherlock Holmes)The Sign of the FourThe Hound of the BaskervillesAdaptations of Sherlock Holmes

Question 5: R&B singer ________ has a Bullmastiff named Smokey.
Another Way to DieChris CornellMadonna (entertainer)Alicia Keys

Question 6: Butkus from the movie ________ was actually one of Sylvester Stallone's own Bullmastiffs.
Rocky Balboa (film)RockyRocky VRocky II

Question 7: In the comic We3 by ________ a cyborg Bullmastiff is one the main antagonists.
Animal ManThe InvisiblesGrant MorrisonGrant Morrison bibliography

Question 8: The video for the ________ song Doghouse used a Bullmastiff named Sachmo.
Billboard chartsKix BrooksJohn ConleeRecord label

Question 9: ________ has a Bullmastiff named Duke.
I've Been Expecting YouReality Killed the Video StarRobbie Williams discographyRobbie Williams

Question 10: The Bullmastiff is a powerful dog, which was originally a cross between the ________ and the Old English Bulldog.
MolosserEnglish MastiffNeapolitan MastiffDog breed


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