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Question 1: Other modifications to the original bulldozer include making it smaller to let it operate in small work areas where movement is limited, such as in ________.
Mining engineeringMiningArchaeologyMetallurgy

Question 2: 1886: "bulldozer" meant a large-caliber ________ and the person who wielded it.
Semi-automatic pistolBrowning Hi-PowerHandgunFirearm

Question 3: ________ (from the TV series King of the Hill) was known as "the Billdozer" on the Arlen, Texas High School football team due to his size and strength as a defensive lineman.
Bill DauteriveBoomhauerHank HillDale Gribble

Question 4: The first bulldozers were adapted from Holt farm tractors that were used to ________ fields.
BillhookGarden forkPloughPliers

Question 5: Bulldozers have excellent ground hold and a ________ divider designed to convert the engine's power into improved dragging ability.
EnergyAngular momentumForceTorque

Question 6: The bulldozer shrimp is a tropical sea ________ so named because it spends much of its time pushing sand out of the hole in which it stays.
Wild fisheriesShrimpPrawnLobster

Question 7: Nevertheless, the original earthmoving bulldozers are still irreplaceable as their tasks are concentrated in ________, earthmoving, ground levelling, and road carving.
DeforestationUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeClimate change and agricultureKyoto Protocol

Question 8: Some bulldozers, especially bulldozers in military usage, have been fitted with ________ to protect the driver from enemy fire, enabling the bulldozer to operate in battle zones.
CuirassPlate armourArmourMail (armour)

Question 9: The blade peels layers of ________ and pushes it forward as the tractor advances.
ClayLandslideWater wellSoil

Question 10: ________ - used for land mine clearance
Naval mineCombat engineeringMine flailDemining


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