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Bull Run River (Oregon): Quiz


Question 1: The lower Bull Run River changed dramatically in 1906, when the Mount Hood Railway and Power Company (MHR&P) began work on the ________.
Sandy River (Oregon)Little Sandy River (Oregon)Bull Run Hydroelectric ProjectBull Run River (Oregon)

Question 2: At the time, it took three hours by ________ to reach Bull Run from an electric railway depot in Boring.
Midwestern United StatesStagecoachCharles BollesBoston

Question 3: The Bull Run River is a 21.9-mile (35.2 km) tributary of the Sandy River in the U.S. state of ________.

Question 4: In the 19th century, this trail network linked the trading center at Wascopam, near The Dalles, to settlements in the ________.
Willamette ValleyOregonOregon TrailSalem, Oregon

Question 5: Migratory birds such as ________ use the basin for feeding and nesting as they travel along the Pacific Flyway.

Question 6: The committee, led by ________, commissioned Isaac W. Smith, an engineer and surveyor, to inspect any viable water supply in the region.
OregonHenry FailingHenry W. CorbettJosiah Failing

Question 7: In the western half of the watershed, the Rhododendron formation, rich in sediments, overlies the ________, and later volcanic flows of basalt and andesite overlie both older formations.
Flood basaltIgneous rockBasaltLava

Question 8: [11] The maximum flow occurred during the floods of December 1964 and January 1965, rated by the ________ as one of Oregon's top 10 weather events of the 20th century.
Fiji Meteorological ServiceServicio Meteorológico NacionalSouth African Weather ServiceNational Weather Service

Question 9: In 1994 about 75 percent of the BRWMU was made into a reserve for protecting the ________ and other species dependent on old-growth forests.
Barred OwlIUCN Red ListBirdNorthern Spotted Owl

Question 10: [30] In 1904, President ________ signed into law the Bull Run Trespass Act to forbid activities such as camping and livestock grazing in the Bull Run Reserve.
Theodore RooseveltFrank KnoxCharles Evans HughesWilliam Howard Taft

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