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Bulgarian Socialist Party: Quiz


Question 1: The current Bulgarian president, ________, is a member and former chairman of the party.
Lech KaczyńskiDanilo TürkGeorgi ParvanovNicolas Sarkozy

Question 2: Its name was changed in April ________, while the former Communist Party was still in power, during the mandate of Prime Minister Andrey Lukanov.

Question 3: The Bulgarian Socialist Party was formed after the political changes of ________, following the decision of the Bulgarian Communist Party to abandon Marxism-Leninism.

Question 4: After two full terms out of power (1997-2005), the BSP won the national elections of 2005 by 33.98% and formed a coalition with the centrist National Movement Simeon II and the ________.
Swedish People's Party (Finland)National Movement for Stability and ProgressCentre Party (Finland)Movement for Rights and Freedoms

Question 5: However, in the second part of the coalition's term, Bulgaria, now a member of the ________, lost millions of Euros of European financial aid in the wake of allegations of wide-spread corruption.
GermanyDenmarkEuropean ParliamentEuropean Union

Question 6: The party has its electoral base in the traditionally ________ rural areas.
SocialismMarxismSocialist stateKarl Marx

Question 7: The BSP is a member of the ________ and is currently led by Sergei Stanishev.
MarxismSocialist InternationalLabour PartyCyprus

Question 8: Its term ended at the end of 1996, after the country entered into a spiral of ________, the most serious economic and financial crisis in its recent history.
Deutsche MarkHyperinflationDenomination (currency)United States dollar


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