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Question 1: It was not until the official adoption of ________ by Tsar Boris I in 865 that an independent Bulgarian ecclesiastical entity was established.
Christian denominationChristianityBaptistEcumenism

Question 2: Although the status and the guiding principles of the Exarchate reflected the canons, the Patriarchate argued that “surrender of ________ to ethnic nationalism” was essentially a manifestation of heresy.
ChristianityOrthodox ChurchOrthodoxyEast–West Schism

Question 3: In the coming years, the residence of the Bulgarian patriarchs remained closely connected to the developments in the war between the next Bulgarian monarchist dynasty, the Comitopuli, and the ________.
Roman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 4: Most of the clergy were killed, while the intelligentsia associated with the Tarnovo Literary School fled to neighbouring Serbia, Wallachia, ________ or to Russia.
Regulamentul OrganicBessarabiaRomaniaMoldavia

Question 5: The few surviving ones were converted into ________.
IslamMosqueMuslim worldMuslim history

Question 6: There were martyrs to the Church as many districts and almost all larger towns in the Bulgarian provinces of the Ottoman Empire were subjected to forceful conversion to ________ as early as the first years after the conquest.
Muslim historyIslamMosqueIslamic schools and branches

Question 7: Eparchy of USA, Canada and Australia (with seat in ________)
MassachusettsNew YorkNew JerseyConnecticut

Question 8: The process of conversion also enjoyed some success among the ________ nobility.
Turkic peoplesChuvashiaKhazarsBulgars

Question 9: At the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, the clergy opened numerous schools with all-round ________ curriculum and nearly banned the Bulgarian liturgy.
GreeceGreeksGreek languageGreek diaspora

Question 10: Capitals: Pliska (681-893) • Preslav (893-972) • Skopie (972-992) • ________ (992-1018) • Tarnovo (1185-1393)


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