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Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: Only in 1953 has the head of the ________ again taken the title of Patriarch.
Second Bulgarian EmpireRussian Orthodox ChurchBulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian Empire

Question 2:
The Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church is a ________ sui juris particular Church in full union with the Roman Catholic Church.
Eastern Catholic ChurchesJohn ChrysostomByzantine RiteEast–West Schism

Question 3: His successor Symeon the Great (893-927) proclaimed an autonomous Bulgarian patriarchate in 917, which won recognition from ________ in 927 and lasted until the fall of the first Bulgarian Empire in 1018.
ConstantinopleHagia SophiaByzantine navyByzantine Empire

Question 4: The rise of ________ in the nineteenth century brought opposition to this situation.
NationalismLeft-wing nationalismFascismAnti-nationalism

Question 5: Under Tsar Boris (853-889) the Bulgarians accepted ________ in its Byzantine form, with the liturgy celebrated in Church Slavonic.
Christian denominationEcumenismBaptistChristianity


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