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Bulgarian Empire: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (632/681-1018)
Old Great BulgariaBulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian EmpireSecond Bulgarian Empire

Question 2: Prominent writers and scholars: Naum of Preslav________Chernorizets HrabarConstantine of PreslavJohn ExarchEvtimiy of TarnovoGregory Tsamblak
First Bulgarian EmpireClement of OhridHistory of BulgariaBulgarian Orthodox Church

Question 3: ________ (1185-1396)
Second Bulgarian EmpireOld Great BulgariaBulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian Empire

Question 4: Battle of TryavnaBattle of AdrianopleBattle of KlokotnitsaBattle of Skafida________Battle of RusokastroBattle of ChernomenSiege of Tarnovo
Bulgarian–Serbian Wars (medieval)Second Bulgarian EmpireMedieval Bulgarian ArmyBattle of Velbazhd

Question 5: Capitals: Pliska (681-893) • Preslav (893-972) • Skopie (972-992) • ________ (992-1018) • Tarnovo (1185-1393)

Question 6: Ann Arbor: ________ Press.
University of MichiganWayne State UniversityMichigan State UniversityOhio State University

Question 7: The independence of Bulgaria and its promotion to a ________ was recognized by the Ottomans in 1908.
Bulgaria during World War IHistory of BulgariaKingdom of BulgariaHistory of Bulgaria (1878–1946)


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