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Question 1: Two groups of Iris species, family ________: subgenus Xiphium (the "Dutch" irises) and subgenus Hermodactyloides (the miniature "rock garden" irises).
Flowering plantIridaceaeOrchidaceaeAmaryllidaceae

Question 2: Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, Narcissus, and several other members of the amaryllis family ________.
AmaryllidaceaeLycoris (plant)AmaryllideaeLiliaceae

Question 3: Lily, tulip, and many other members of the lily family ________.

Question 4: Some epiphytic orchids (family ________) form above-ground storage organs called pseudobulbs, that superficially resemble bulbs.
Vanilla (genus)PlantOrchidaceaeFlowering plant

Question 5: All plants that form true bulbs are ________, and include:
Flowering plantAPG systemDicotyledonMonocotyledon

Question 6: The correct term for plants that form underground storage organs, including bulbs as well as ________ and corms, is geophyte.
RhizomeRootTuberPlant stem

Question 7: ________ emerge from the underside of the base, and new stems and leaves from the upper side.
Flowering plantRootPlantPlant stem

Question 8: Other types of storage organs (such as corms, rhizomes, and ________) are sometimes erroneously referred to as bulbs.
TuberStolonPlant stemRoot

Question 9: proliferum) forms small onions which are large enough for ________.
Curing (food preservation)Fermentation (food)Smoking (cooking)Pickling

Question 10: Several members of the onion family, Alliaceae, including Allium sativum (________), form bulbils in their flower heads, sometimes as the flowers fade, or even instead of the flowers.


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