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Bukharan People's Soviet Republic: Quiz


Question 1: The overthrow of the emir was the impetus for the ________, a conservative anti-communist rebellion.
Basmachi movementRussiaFinnish Civil WarRussian Civil War

Question 2: Over the next 40 years, the Russians slowly eroded at Bukhara’s territory, although never actually annexing the city of ________ itself.

Question 3: As the ________ stabilized, it could afford to purge itself of so-called opportunists and potential nationalists.
RussiaJoseph StalinEast GermanySoviet Union

Question 4: He was later purged and executed in the 1930s together with much of the intelligentsia of ________.
Central AsiaSiberiaSouth AsiaMiddle East

Question 5: On 28 August 1920, an army of well-disciplined and well equipped Red Army troops under the command of Bolshevik general ________ attacked the city of Bukhara.
Leon TrotskyLeonid BrezhnevSoviet UnionMikhail Frunze

Question 6: Thousands of Russians were killed in these religious riots in Bukhara and the surrounding areas; many Young Bukharans were arrested and executed; the main railway and communication links from Bukhara to Chardjui and ________ were destroyed.

Question 7: The Young Bukharans faced extreme obstacles as the emirate was dominated by conservative ________ clergy.
Islamic schools and branchesRashidunAliSunni Islam

Question 8: Today the territory of the defunct Bukhara SSR lies mostly in Uzbekistan with parts in ________ and Turkmenistan.

Question 9: The northern border of the People’s Republic reached close to Khiva in the west and touched on what is today ________ and Navoiy Province in Uzbekistan.

Question 10: As Russian sources report,[1] the emir responded by killing the Bolshevik delegation and incited the population to a ________ against the Bolshevik "infidels".
IslamismIslamIslamic terrorismJihad


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