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Question 1: In recent years, interest in ________ planning and building practices has also become part of the design process of many new buildings.
Ecological footprintFood securitySustainabilitySustainable development

Question 2: ________ who are responsible for operating the building.
Computerized Maintenance Management SystemFacility managementComputer aided facility managementHVAC

Question 3: ________ who coordinate the effort of different groups of project participants;
Civil engineeringConstruction managementEngineerBroadcast engineering

Question 4: Regardless of their size or intended use, all buildings in the US must comply with zoning ordinances, ________ and other regulations such as fire codes, life safety codes and related standards.
ConstructionBuilding codeModel building codeInsurance

Question 5: To differentiate buildings in the usage of this article from other buildings and other structures that are not intended for continuous human occupancy, the latter are called ________ or simply structures.
RoadCivil engineeringInfrastructureCanal

Question 6: Building types may range from one-room wood-framed, masonry, or ________ dwellings to multi-million dollar high-rise buildings able to house thousands of people.
Natural buildingAdobeRammed earthCob (material)

Question 7: Licensed ________ and engineers who provide building design and prepare construction documents;
Construction managementDesign-bid-buildArchitectCivil engineering

Question 8: Vehicles—such as trailers, caravans, ships and passenger ________—are treated as "buildings" for life safety purposes.
Business jetWide-body aircraftDouble-deck aircraftAircraft

Question 9: Contractors who provide ________ services and install building systems such as climate control, electrical, plumbing, Decoration, fire protection, security and telecommunications;
Building services engineeringCivil engineeringConstructionStructural engineering

Question 10: The first shelter on Earth constructed by a relatively close ancestor to humans is believed to be built 500,000 years ago by an early ancestor of humans, ________.
Homo floresiensisHomo erectusHomo ergasterHuman evolution


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