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Question 1: ________ was maintained after the end of the War of the Triple Alliance in 1870 as a territory separating Argentina and Brazil.

Question 2: Some political remains of borderland marches established under the Carolingian and Ottonian Empires can be seen on the European map today: ________, Luxembourg, Lorraine.
SpainBelgiumUnited KingdomDenmark

Question 3: ________ before World War I, serving as a buffer between France, Prussia (After 1871 the German Empire), the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Question 4: Kingdom of Armenia between the Roman Empire and the ________
Parthian EmpireSeleucid EmpireSassanid EmpireIlkhanate

Question 5: North Korea during and after the ________, seen by some analysts as a buffer state between the military forces of the People's Republic of China and American forces in South Korea
Central Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarCold WarJoseph Stalin

Question 6: Kingdom of Hungary, and later Transylvania in the time of principality between the ________ and Ottoman Empire; see also Banat.
Austrian EmpirePrussiaLiechtensteinAustria–Hungary

Question 7: The Sultanate of Aceh, located on the north part of Sumatra, as a buffer state between Kingdom of the Netherlands, ruler of ________ and British Empire, ruler of Malaya.
MalaccaDutch East IndiesNetherlands New GuineaDutch Empire

Question 8: Neutral ________, Sweden and Finland were buffer states during the Cold War.
PolandCzech RepublicHungaryAustria

Question 9: ________ was a buffer-state between the British Empire (which ruled much of South Asia) and Russian Empire (which ruled much of Central Asia) during the Anglo–Russian conflicts in Asia during the 19th century.
NATOAfghanistanNon-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 10: A buffer state is a ________ lying between two rival or potentially hostile greater powers, which by its sheer existence is thought to prevent conflict between them.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandCountry


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