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Buffalo: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Bubalus bubalis), domestic bovid widely used for dairy, meat and draught
GaurCattleWild boarWater Buffalo

Question 2: ________, a conceptual proposal to create a vast nature reserve in the Great Plains area
South DakotaMontanaBuffalo CommonsOklahoma

Question 3: ________, computer storage devices
SynologyNSLU2OLPC XO-1Buffalo network-attached storage series

Question 4: ________, a NHL team based in Buffalo, New York
Boston BruinsNew York RangersBuffalo SabresNew York Islanders

Question 5: ________ (Bubalus arnee), the ancestor of the domestic water buffalo
Wild water buffaloGaurBurmaTiger

Question 6: ________, a spicy chicken snack originating in Buffalo, NY
Buffalo wingsChicken fingerChicken nuggetChicken soup

Question 7:
  • ________
    Stony Brook UniversityUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New YorkNorthern Illinois UniversityBuffalo State College

Question 8: American Buffalo, North American colloquial name for ________ (Bison bison)
Bighorn SheepMooseAmerican BisonElk

Question 9: ________, or Brewster F2A, a U.S.
Brewster BuffaloF4F WildcatP-38 LightningF4U Corsair

Question 10: ________, a one ounce 24-karat gold bullion coin introduced by the United States Mint on 22 June 2006
United States dollarAmerican Buffalo (coin)Nickel (United States coin)Penny (United States coin)

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