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Budget of the European Union: Quiz


Question 1: The country may then respond to any issues raised in the report, and negotiations continue until both sides are satisfied, or the matter may be referred to the ________ for a final ruling.
Treaties of the European UnionEuropean Court of JusticeEuropean UnionEuropean Parliament

Question 2: In addition, the ________ is funded from the budget of the Administration.
Treaties of the European UnionEuropean ParliamentEuropean Court of JusticeEuropean Union

Question 3: The ________ is one of the last elements of the budget to be calculated (though it is estimated in advance) as it depends upon the balance of all EU revenue to and from the UK.
United KingdomEuropean UnionUK rebateCommon Agricultural Policy

Question 4: The ________ (EU) is an association of 27 independent member states.
European ParliamentEuropean UnionGermanyDenmark

Question 5: The Administration of the European Union has three elements to its government: the Council of Ministers, the ________ and the European Parliament.
European External Action ServiceBarroso CommissionEuropean CommissionProdi Commission


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