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Budgerigar colour genetics: Quiz


Question 1: The science of budgerigar colour genetics deals with the heredity of mutations which cause colour variation in the feathers of the species known scientifically as ________.
Anthracite budgerigar mutationBudgerigar colour geneticsBudgerigarRecessive Pied budgerigar mutation

Question 2: These mutations are inherited through one of the following ________.
GeneticsDominance (genetics)GeneAllele

Question 3: When these feathers are exposed to a white light source, such as ________, only the blue part of the spectrum is reflected by the eumelanin granules.
SunlightEarthSolar variationSolar eclipse

Question 4: The feathers of most Parrot species, including Budgerigars, contain both a black type of melanin named ________ along with a basic yellow pigment named psittacofulvin (psittacin for short).
Human skin colorMelaninRed hairDNA


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