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Budding: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, such as budding yeast, it differs from binary fission in that the two resulting cells are not of equal size.

Question 2: In virology, budding is a form of viral shedding by which enveloped viruses acquire their external envelope from the host ________, which bulges outwards and encloses the virion.
Cell membraneCell (biology)Cell nucleusVesicle (biology)

Question 3: In embryology, the term budding is applied to the process of ________ differentiation, in which old structures are formed in outgrowth from pre-existing parts.
Prenatal developmentEmbryoEmbryogenesisFertilisation

Question 4: Budding is also seen in multicellular organisms, including Hydras and ________.

Question 5: In ________ and horticulture, budding refers to grafting the bud of one plant onto another.
Sustainable agricultureAgricultureIntensive farmingOrganic farming


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