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Buddhist calendar: Quiz


Question 1: This year is slightly longer than the modern sidereal year and is substantially longer than the modern ________.
TimeTropical yearLongitudeUniversal Time

Question 2: The approximate date of Chandragupta's ascension is known to be within two years of 321 BC (from ________).
MegasthenesSeleucus I NicatorMaurya EmpireRaces as described by Megasthenes

Question 3: Hence the approximate date of the parinibbana is between 485 and 481 BC - which accords well with the ________ dating of 483 BC.
Buddhist textsMahayanaMahayana sutrasBuddhism

Question 4: The Buddhist calendar is used on mainland Southeast Asia in the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, ________ (officially known as Myanmar) and Sri Lanka in several related forms.

Question 5: As Wilhelm Geiger pointed out, the Dipavamsa and Mahawamsa are the primary sources for ancient South Asian chronology; they date the consecration (abhisheka) of ________ to 218 years after the parinibbana.
BuddhismSarnathGreco-BuddhismAshoka the Great

Question 6: ________ ascended the throne 56 years prior to this, or 162 years after the parinibbana.
Indo-GreeksChandragupta MauryaMaurya EmpireSeleucid Empire

Question 7: The numbered year coincides with the sidereal year containing twelve ________ signs (rasi) so it can begin on any date from 6 Caitra/Tagu to 5 Vaisakha/Kason, meaning the rest of the month will be in an adjacent year.
ZodiacAstrological signSolsticeWestern astrology

Question 8: It is a ________ having months that are alternately 29 and 30 days, with an intercalated day and a 30-day month added at regular intervals.
Lunisolar calendarIslamic calendarByzantine calendarGregorian calendar

Question 9: The month names are ________ (except in old Burmese):

Question 10: It should be borne in mind that there is controversy about the base date of the Buddhist Era, with 544 BC and 483 BC being advanced as the date of the parinibbana of the ________.
Buddhism and HinduismBuddhismAshoka the GreatGautama Buddha


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