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Question 1: Doctrinally the schools focus on the ________ (妙法蓮華經: Myoho Renge Kyō; abbrev.
Lotus SutraZenMahayana sutrasPure Land Buddhism

Question 2: Founder: Ryōnin (良忍), 1117 CE
Japanese name: 融通念仏
Doctrine: sokushitsu ōjō (速疾往生,)
Primary Text: Avatamsaka Sutra (Kegonkyo 華厳経)・________ (Hokekyo 法華経)
ZenMahayana sutrasLotus SutraPure Land Buddhism

Question 3: ________ is one of the two most important Mahayana philosophies, and reemphasizes the original Buddhist teachings that phenomena are neither truly existent or absolutely non-existent, but are characterized by impermanence and insubstantially.
MadhyamakaVajrayanaTibetan BuddhismYogacara

Question 4: Literally: Three-Discourse School; a ________ school which developed in China based on two discourses by Nagarjuna and one by Aryadeva.
Tibetan BuddhismYogacaraMadhyamakaVajrayana

Question 5: The Hosso school was founded by ________ (玄奘, Jp.
XuanzangGuan YinBodhidharmaPure Land Buddhism

Question 6: With the ________ in 1868, the new government adopted a strong anti-Buddhist attitude, and a movement to eradicate Buddhism and bring Shinto to ascendancy arose throughout the country.
Meiji RestorationMeiji periodBakumatsuEdo period

Question 7: The later Heian period saw the formation of the first truly Japanese school of Buddhism, that of ________.
NichirenShinranShingon BuddhismKūkai

Question 8: In modern times, the main paths of Buddhism are Amidist (Pure Land) schools, ________, Shingon Buddhism and Zen Buddhism.
Nichiren BuddhismVajrayanaMahayana sutrasNikkō (priest)

Question 9: 1175: Hōnen introduces the Jodo (________) school to Japan.
AmitābhaPure landMandalaAvalokiteśvara

Question 10: See ________ for a more complete list.
Nikkō (priest)Nichiren BuddhismPure Land BuddhismVajrayana


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