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Buddhism in Burma: Quiz


Question 1: The current military regime, the ________ (SPDC) patronises Buddhism, although persecution of persons of other religions, namely Islam and Christianity, continues.
People's Consultative AssemblyState Peace and Development CouncilFederal National CouncilKnesset

Question 2: She is credited for expanding and gilding the ________ giving her own weight in gold.
Konbaung Dynasty8888 UprisingShwedagon PagodaBurma

Question 3: Also, it was reported that Nobel prize winning human rights activist and Buddhist ________ was removed from her home where she has languished under house arrest and moved to the infamous Insein Prison.
Nelson MandelaBurmaAung San Suu KyiAmnesty International

Question 4: The League of Young Monks (Yahanpyo) based in ________ is a well known activist organisation.
Chanayethazan TownshipAmarapuraMandalay DivisionMandalay

Question 5: However, schisms arose among the ________, which were resolved during the Fifth Buddhist Synod, held in Mandalay in 1871.
SanghaBhikkhuniBuddhist monasticismBuddhism

Question 6: Shwedagon Pagoda has been an important venue for large public meetings where both ________ and his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi had made their famous speeches.
2007 Burmese anti-government protestsAung San8888 UprisingBurma

Question 7: Buddhist monks, who are venerated in Burmese society as part of the ________, are approximately 400,000 strong.
Householder (Buddhism)BuddhismIṣṭha-deva(tā) (Buddhism)Three Jewels

Question 8: [3] Adherents are most likely found among the dominant ethnic ________ (or Burmans), Shan, Rakhine (Arakanese), Mon, Karen, and Chinese who are well integrated into Burmese society.
BamarKhmu peopleDe'angJingpo

Question 9: King Dhammazedi, formerly a Mon monk, established rule in the late 1400s at Innwa and unified the ________ in Mon territories.
SanghaBuddhist monasticismBhikkhuniBuddhism

Question 10: The Bamar, who had fled to Taungoo before the invading Shan, established a kingdom there under the reigns of Tabinshwehti and ________ who conquered and unified most of modern Burma.
HsinbyushinRazadaritNyaungyan MinBayinnaung


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