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Buddhism in Bhutan: Quiz


Question 1: The majority of Bhutan's Buddhists are adherents of the ________ subsect of the Kargyupa (literally, oral transmission) school, one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
Dalai LamaGelugDrukpaMahamudra

Question 2: Although originating in ________, the Buddhism practiced in Bhutan differs significantly in its rituals, liturgy, and monastic organization.
NaropaAtishaPadmasambhavaTibetan Buddhism

Question 3: Religious monuments, prayer walls, prayer flags, and sacred ________ carved in stone hillsides are prevalent.
BuddhismMantraBuddhism and HinduismVajrayana

Question 4: In 1989 some 1,000 monks (lam, or gelong, novices) belonged to the Central Monastic Body in ________ and Punakha, and some 4,000 monks belonged to district monastic bodies[citation needed].

Question 5: Mahayana Buddhism is the state religion of ________, and Buddhists comprise two-thirds to three-quarters of its population[1].
MalaysiaBhutanCambodiaUnited Arab Emirates

Question 6: Gelugpa monks were celibate, but ________ consist of not only monks but also householders, allowing them to marry, raise families, and work in secular occupations while performing liturgical functions in temples and homes[citation needed].
KagyuNyingmaDzogchenTibetan Buddhism

Question 7: The state religion has long been supported financially by the government through annual subsidies to ________, shrines, monks, and nuns[citation needed].
MonasteryOrthodox ChurchMonasticismChristian monasticism


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