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Buddhism and Christianity: Quiz


Question 1: [5] At the same time, however, Portuguese colonizers of ________ confiscated Buddhist properties across the country, with the full cooperation of the Christian missionaries.
MalaysiaMaldivesPakistanSri Lanka

Question 2: [66] The Tzu-Chi Foundation, a Taiwanese Buddhist organization, also noticing the similarity, commissioned a portrait of Guan Yin and a baby that resembles the typical ________ painting.
Madonna (art)Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Roman Catholic MariologyBlessed Virgin Mary

Question 3: Lindtner compares the Pali and Sanskrit Buddhist texts with the Greek gospels and determines that the four gospels were reformulated from older Buddhist texts based on ________ values, puns, and syllabic equivalences.
Hebrew numeralsGematriaDream questionNumerology

Question 4: They journey to the east, where they study Hindu, ________ and Buddhist teachings.
East Asian religionsTaoismPantheismBuddhism

Question 5: ________ and Elaine Pagels have suggested that gnosticism blends teachings like those attributed to Jesus Christ with teachings found in Eastern traditions.
Thanissaro BhikkhuHenepola GunaratanaEdward ConzeSeongcheol

Question 6: The earlier teachings of the Pali Canon and the ________ however, are clearly up to four centuries older than Christianity.
BuddhismPre-sectarian BuddhismĀgama (Buddhism)Buddhist texts

Question 7: Some scholars have suggested that the apocryphal ________ and the Nag Hammadi texts display Buddhist influence.
Gospel of ThomasDevelopment of the New Testament canonSimon MagusGnosticism

Question 8: The Sinologist Martin Palmer has commented on the similarity between the ________ and Guan Yin.
Saint StephenBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Blessed Virgin MaryJesus

Question 9: ________ in The Story of Philosophy suggests that Jesus-Buddha corresponds to a "feminine ideology," Nietzsche to a masculine, and that Plato-Socrates fall somewhere in between.
Will DurantUnited StatesSeton Hall UniversitySaint Peter's College (New Jersey)

Question 10: The origin of the later teachings of ________ Buddhism are especially obscure.
Buddhist textsMahayana sutrasVajrayanaMahayana

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