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Buddhaghosa: Quiz


Question 1: [2] He is said to have been born near ________, and to have been a master of the Vedas, traveling through India engaging in philosophical debates.
RajgirBodh GayaKushinagarNalanda

Question 2: [6][7] Largely identical in form, these short excerpts describe Buddhaghosa as having come to Sri Lanka from India, and settled in ________.
AnuradhapuraBodh GayaMahavamsaAshoka the Great

Question 3: In the 12th century, the Sri Lankan monk ________ became the leading scholar of the Theravada following the reunification of the Sri Lankan monastic community by King Parakramabahu I.
Buddhist cosmologyBuddhismSariputtaBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 4: [10] Buddhaghosa sought permission to synthesize the assembled Sinhalese-language commentaries into a comprehensive single commentary composed in the ________ language.
SanskritAshoka the GreatPaliBuddhism

Question 5: [9 ] Impressed, Buddhaghosa became a Buddhist monk and undertook the study of the ________ and its commentaries.
Sutta PitakaPāli CanonBuddhismParivara

Question 6: The Mahavamsa records that Buddhaghosa was born into a ________ family in the kingdom of Magadhi.
BhumiharBiharBrahminUttar Pradesh

Question 7: Buddhaghosa went on to write commentaries on most of the other major books of the ________ Canon, with his works becoming the definitive Theravadin interpretation of the scriptures.
Ashoka the GreatSanskritPaliBuddhism

Question 8: [22] In India, new schools of Buddhist philosophy (such as the ________) were emerging, many of them making use of classical Sanskrit both as a scriptural language and as a language of philosophical discourse.
Buddhist textsMahayana sutrasMahayanaBuddhism

Question 9: [9 ] Only upon encountering a Buddhist monk named Revata was Buddhaghosa bested in debate, first being defeated in a dispute over the meaning of a Vedic doctrine, and then being confounded by the presentation of a teaching from the ________.
Anguttara NikayaBuddhismKathavatthuAbhidhamma Pitaka


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