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Bubsy: Quiz


Question 1: None of the older games have been re-released on download services such as ________'s Virtual Console either.
FujitsuCanon (company)NintendoSony

Question 2: The player can collect ________, as well as atoms, in order to eventually escape from planet Rayon.
Spacecraft propulsionRocketSpace explorationSpace Race

Question 3: Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales was released December 15, 1994 for the ________.
Atari 7800Atari 2600Atari JaguarAtari Lynx

Question 4: Bubsy is a series of video games created by Michael Berlyn and released by Accolade for the SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, ________, the PC and PlayStation in the early and mid-1990s.
Atari JaguarAtari 7800Atari 2600Atari Lynx

Question 5: The graphics are very simplistic, even for their time, with a dense ________ that covers entire levels throughout the game.
Cloud condensation nucleiFogCloudMeteorology

Question 6: In the cartoon, Bubsy II and Fractured Furry Tales, he was voiced by ________.
Rob PaulsenPinky and the BrainAnimaniacsTiny Toon Adventures

Question 7: Bubsy collects ________ which he can use to buy various items.
Upper Deck CompanyBaseball cardTrading cardTopps

Question 8: Bubsy 3D is the first and only Bubsy game in 3D and was released in 1997 for the ________ video game console.
PlayStation PortablePlayStationPlayStation 3PlayStation 2

Question 9: It is a sequel to the original in terms of the story and takes place on the Woolies' home planet, ________.

Question 10: Bubsy II is the only Bubsy title to be reprogrammed for the ________ as a black-and-white game with limited Super Game Boy support for limited colors.
Game Boy ColorGame Boy lineGame BoyGame Boy Advance

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