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Question 1: On ________, two young brahmins, the Chapekar brothers, shot and killed two British officers, the Committee chairman and his military escort.
Maharashtra State Film AwardsPuneMarathi cinema22 June 1897

Question 2: As the disease progresses, the lymph nodes can ________ and become swollen and necrotic.
PurpuraGastrointestinal bleedingBruiseBleeding

Question 3: For example, in 1940, the ________ bombed Ningbo with fleas carrying the bubonic plague.
Mitsubishi Ki-15Mitsubishi Ki-21Kawasaki Ki-61Imperial Japanese Army Air Force

Question 4: The plague resurfaced in the mid-19th century; like the Black Death, the Third Pandemic began in ________.
Middle EastSiberiaSouth AsiaCentral Asia

Question 5: Once established, bacteria rapidly spread to the ________ and multiply.
Immune systemLymphatic systemSpleenLymph node

Question 6: The most infamous and devastating instance of the plague was the ________, which killed a quarter to half of the population of Europe.
Plague (disease)PandemicBlack Death migrationBlack Death

Question 7: The ________ is thought to have originated in the Gobi Desert.
Plague (disease)Black DeathBlack Death migrationPandemic

Question 8: The first recorded epidemic ravaged the ________ during the sixth century, and was named the Plague of Justinian after emperor Justinian I, who was infected but survived through extensive treatment.
Roman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmByzantine Empire

Question 9: In modern times, several classes of ________ are effective in treating bubonic plague.
Antibiotic misuseNucleic acid inhibitorATC code J01Antibiotic

Question 10: The term "bubonic plague" was often used synonymously for plague, but it does in fact refer specifically to an infection that enters through the skin and travels through the lymphatics, as is often seen in ________-borne infections.


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