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Bsharri: Quiz


Question 1: Lichaa down in the valley; the Kadisha Grotto, the Cedars of God forest, a ski resort and Bka'kafra (the birthplace of ________).
CharbelNimattullah Kassab Al-HardiniMaronite ChurchCatholic Church

Question 2: Bsharri is just under the ________ forest and is the birthplace of the famous poet, painter and sculptor Khalil Gibran who now has a museum in the town to honor him.
Cedrus libaniCedarFirPinophyta

Question 3: During the Lebanese civil war (1975–1990), Bsharri was a bastion of ________ resistance against Syrians.
ChristianCatholic ChurchChristianityJesus

Question 4: The ________, below the town, became the spiritual center of the Maronite Church.
EhdenKadisha ValleyAitouKfarsghab

Question 5: Today, the town is located in a highly touristic zone including such attractions as the Gibran Tomb and Museum, ________ where Antonios Torbey lived as Hermite in the Hermitage of St.
AitouKadisha ValleyEhdenKfarsghab

Question 6: In 1986 Samir Geagea, a Bsharri native, became head of the Christian ________ (LF) movement.
HezbollahLebanese ForcesSyrian Social Nationalist PartyCedar Revolution

Question 7: ________ fleeing persecution sought refuge in its mountainous terrain in the 7th Century AD.
Maronite ChurchSyro-Malabar Catholic ChurchChaldean Catholic ChurchSyriac Catholic Church

Question 8: Bsharri (also spelled Becharre, Bcharre, Bsharre; Arabic: بْشَرِّيْ‎), is a Lebanese town at 1,650 m of altitude, near the ________.
KfarsghabKadisha ValleyAitouEhden

Question 9: Bsharri is home to a Lebanese ________ First Aid Center.
Austrian Red CrossMagen David AdomInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent MovementAmerican Red Cross


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