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Brythonic languages: Quiz


Question 1:
What family does Brythonic languages belong to?

Question 2:
What region does Brythonic languages belong to?

Question 3:
Which out of the following is a child of Brythonic languages?

Question 4: [citation needed] Stephen Oppenheimer has suggested that Belgic invasions in the 1st century BC could have brought a ________ to Britain.
Old NorseNorth Germanic languagesWest Germanic languagesGermanic languages

Question 5: Other common changes occurred in the ________ onward and are possibly due to inherent tendencies.
8th century6th century7th century11th century

Question 6: Northern Scotland mainly spoke Pritennic, which became ________, that may have been a Brythonic language.
Scottish GaelicCumbric languageBritish language (Celtic)Pictish language

Question 7: Names derived (sometimes indirectly) from Brythonic include London, Penicuik, Perth, ________, York, Dorchester, Dover and Colchester.

Question 8: The Brythonic branch is also referred to as P-Celtic (like ________) because the Brythonic reflex of the Proto-Indo-European phoneme *kw is p as opposed to the Goidelic c.
Celtiberian languageLepontic languageGaulish languageCeltic languages

Question 9: Gaelic gob), nook; and the dialectal term for a ________, i.e.
European BadgerCatBearBadger

Question 10: North of the Forth, the ________ is considered to be related; it is possible it was a Brythonic language, but it may have been a sister language.
Cumbric languageBritish language (Celtic)Scottish GaelicPictish language


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