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  • a square metre patch of Phylactolaemata, a freshwater class of Bryozoa, can produce 800,000 statoblasts, "survival pods" withstanding freezing and drying that get carried long distances?

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Question 1: The more recently discovered group were given the name ________, while the original "Bryozoa" were called "Ectoprocta".

Question 2: [4] Bryozoans have no specialized sense organs, but ________ on the tentacles act as sensors.

Question 3: [63] Other predators on marine bryozoans include fish, sea urchins, pycnogonids, ________, mites[64] and starfish.

Question 4: [4][5][6 ] Some encrusting bryozoan colonies with mineralized ________ look very like small corals.
ArthropodSmall shelly faunaSpongeExoskeleton

Question 5: Chemicals extracted from a marine bryozoan species have been investigated for treatment of ________ and Alzheimer's Disease, but analyses have not been encouraging.

Question 6: There are no respiratory organs, ________ or blood vessels.
HeartCirculatory systemTorsoLymphatic system

Question 7: [34] However, two well-known zoologists, Claus Nielsen and ________, maintain on anatomical and developmental grounds that bryozoans and entoprocts are member of the same phylum, Bryozoa.
Thomas Cavalier-SmithAnimalProtistFungus

Question 8: The cystid consists of the body wall and whatever type of ________ is secreted by the epidermis.
ExoskeletonArthropodSmall shelly faunaSponge

Question 9: Colonies of these types are generally unmineralized but may have ________ made of chitin.
ArthropodExoskeletonSpongeSmall shelly fauna

Question 10: After settling, all larvae undergo a radical ________ that destroys and rebuilds almost all the internal tissues.
EmbryogenesisMetamorphosisHuman embryogenesisDevelopmental biology

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