Bryn Mawr College: Quiz

Question 1: On Episode 114 of ________, I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can, Bryn Mawr is featured in Lisa's dream of the Seven Sisters Colleges.
The SimpsonsThe Simpsons (franchise)Bart SimpsonThe Simpsons Movie

Question 2: 1970-1978 ________
Arlen SpecterJames BuchananHarris WoffordRick Santorum

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5:
What is the motto of Bryn Mawr College?
Per Fidem ad Plenam Veritatem
Diligentes Ad Veritatem Quaerendam
Ardua Veritatem
Veritatem Dilexi

Question 6: Carey Thomas and ________ are in the courtyard cloister.
Emmy NoetherVector spaceGroup (mathematics)Ring (mathematics)

Question 7:
What state is Bryn Mawr College associated with?

Question 8: The campus was designed in part by noted landscape designers Calvert Vaux and ________, and has subsequently been designated an arboretum (the Bryn Mawr Campus Arboretum).
New York CityHartford, ConnecticutFrederick Law OlmstedBoston

Question 9: Each is named after a county town in ________: Brecon, Denbigh (1891), Merion (1885), and Radnor (1887).
ScotlandUnited KingdomWalesEngland

Question 10:
What are the colours of the Bryn Mawr College?
Yellow, green, white
Yellow, Black
Columbia Blue, Black, and Silver
Yellow and White

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