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Bryansk: Quiz


Question 1: Bulgarian communist leader Stanke Dimitrov (Marek) died in an ________ near the city.
Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza del VoloAutoridad de Aviación Civil (El Salvador)Aviation accidents and incidentsAir Accidents Investigation Branch

Question 2: After canon and ammunition started to be manufactured there for the ________ in 1783, Bryansk evolved from a regional market town into an important industrial center for metallurgy and textiles.
Russian EmpireBaltic FleetBaltic SeaImperial Russian Navy

Question 3: Olgierd of ________ acquired Bryansk through inheritance in 1356 and gave it to his son, Dmitry the Elder.

Question 4: Today Bryansk is an important center for ________ and machinery manufacturing, and is home to many large factories.
IronStainless steelSteelCarbon steel

Question 5: In 1310, when the Mongols sacked the town again, it belonged to the principality of ________.
MoscowSmolenskPskovVeliky Novgorod

Question 6: In 1918 the Belarusian People's Republic claimed Bryansk, but the town was taken by ________ forces in 1919.
Russian Social Democratic Labour PartyVladimir LeninBolshevikMenshevik

Question 7: Russian cosmonaut Viktor M. Afanasyev, shot put athlete Svetlana Krivelyova, sculptor and the architect ________, and classical pianist Valentina Igoshina were born in Bryansk.
Alexander RodchenkoNaum GaboVladimir TatlinWassily Kandinsky

Question 8: The town was turned into a fortress which played a major role during the ________.
Boris Godunov (opera)Time of TroublesRussiaPolish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)

Question 9: Bryansk (Russian: Брянск) is a city in Russia, located 379 kilometers (235 mi) south-west from ________.

Question 10: After ________ was murdered by the Mongols and his capital was destroyed, his son moved his seat to Bryansk.
Michael of ChernigovVsevolod IV of KievRostislav MikhailovichRoman the Great

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