Bryan Sykes: Quiz

Question 1: The ________ contribution was extremely small, on the order of 2 percent.
NormansEnglandCnut the GreatNormandy

Question 2: The ________ made a substantial contribution to the genetic makeup of England, but in Sykes's opinion it was under 20 percent of the total, even in southern England.
AnglesFrisiansAnglo-SaxonsGermanic peoples

Question 3: Ancient Britons come mainly from Spain, ________, 20 September 2006.
Metro (Associated Metro Limited)The Mail on SundayPaul DacreDaily Mail

Question 4: The contribution of the ________ of central Europe to the genetic makeup of Britain and Ireland was minimal; most of the genetic contribution to the British Isles of those we think of as Celtic, came from western continental Europe, I.E.
GaulCeltic languagesGaulsCelts

Question 5: There is a very heavy Viking contribution in the ________ and Shetland Islands, in the vicinity of 40 percent.
United KingdomHebridesScotlandOrkney

Question 6: He presents evidence from mitochondrial DNA, inherited by both sexes from their mothers, and the ________, inherited by men from their fathers, for the following points:
X chromosomeHuman genomeY chromosomeChromosome 2 (human)

Question 7: The ________ show a mixture of original Mesolithic inhabitants and later Neolithic arrivals from Iberia, whereas the patrilineages are much more strongly correlated with Iberia.
MatrilinealityPatrilinealityFamily nameMarriage

Question 8: He is also the founder of Oxford Ancestors, a ________ firm.
Mitochondrial EveGenealogical DNA testIndigenous Amerindian geneticsHaplogroup

Question 9: They [the Picts] are from the same mixture of Iberian and European ________ ancestry that forms the Pictish/Celtic substructure of the Isles.
MesolithicStone Age10th millennium BC9th millennium BC

Question 10: (Note that Sykes uses the terms "________" and "Picts" to designate the pre-Roman inhabitants of the Isles who spoke Celtic and does not mean the people known as Celts in central Europe.)
GaulCeltsCeltic languagesGauls

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