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Question 1: On July 28 Brusilov resumed his own offensive, and although his armies were short on supplies he reached the ________ by September 20.
Cluj-NapocaTransylvaniaCarpathian MountainsRomania

Question 2: ________ Nicholas II had taken personal command of the army in 1915.
Golden HordeTsarKievan Rus'Emperor

Question 3: It also broke the back of the ________ which lost nearly 1.5 million men (including 400,000 prisoners).
Count Franz Conrad von HötzendorfAustro–Hungarian ArmyAustria–HungaryAustro-Hungarian Navy

Question 4: Tunstall of the University of South Florida called the Brusilov Offensive of 1916 the worst crisis of World War I for ________ and the Triple Entente's greatest victory.
Ottoman EmpireGerman EmpireAustria–HungaryHoly Roman Empire

Question 5: [1] It was a major offensive against the armies of the ________ on the Eastern Front, launched on June 4, 1916 and lasting until early August.
Romania during World War ISerbian Campaign (World War I)Central PowersBalkans Campaign (World War I)

Question 6: The main purpose of Brusilov's operation was to take some of the pressure off French and British armies in France and the ________ along the Isonzo Front, and if possible, to knock Austria-Hungary out of the War.
AlpiniItalian ArmyItalyRoyal Italian Army (1940–1946)

Question 7: The Brusilov Offensive (Russian: Брусиловский прорыв) was the ________'s greatest feat of arms during World War I, and among the most lethal battles in world history.
Ottoman EmpireRussian EmpireBritish EmpireGolden Horde

Question 8: The offensive was named after the Russian commander in charge of the Southwestern Front, ________.
World War IRussian EmpireAleksei BrusilovPolish–Soviet War

Question 9: Field Marshal ________, Germany's commander in the East (Oberkommando-Ost), was again able to capitalize on good railroads to bring German reinforcements to the front.
Adolf HitlerFranz von PapenWeimar RepublicPaul von Hindenburg

Question 10: The Brusilov Offensive is listed among the ________.
Invasion of PolandWorld War IIWarsaw UprisingList of battles by casualties

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