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Question 1: To accomplish this, (copper or ________) 'slip rings' are affixed to the shaft, and springs press braided copper wire 'brushes' onto the rings which conduct the current.

Question 2: For an electric motor or generator to function, the ________ of the rotor must be connected to complete an electrical circuit.
InductorTesla coilTransformerCoil

Question 3: brushes for ________ applications: DC current, voltage 12-48 V.
Top 20 motor vehicle producing companiesAutomobile industry in ChinaAutomotive industryFord Motor Company

Question 4: brushes for household applications: ________, voltage 110 / 220 V
TransformerElectricityElectric currentAlternating current

Question 5: A brush is a device which conducts current between stationary ________ and moving parts, most commonly in a rotating shaft.

Question 6: Typical applications include electric motors, ________ and electric generators.
AlternatorNikola TeslaMagnetic fieldElectrical generator


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