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Question 1: Games such as this typically only send the user's browser ________ code for interpretation.
OpenDocumentPortable Document FormatECMAScriptHTML

Question 2: ________ (MMOG)
Role-playing video gameAdventure gameMassively multiplayer online role-playing gameMassively multiplayer online game

Question 3: A growing number of games are being created using server-side scripting, in a language such as ________, ASP, Ruby, Perl, Python and Java.
Lua (programming language)HipHop for PHPPHPJava (programming language)

Question 4: Browser Based Games at the ________ Note that DMOZ lists a "browser-based" sub-category for many game sub-genres
Open Directory ProjectTime WarnerJim BarksdaleLife (magazine)

Question 5: There are games that rely solely on client-side technologies such as ________ or common plugins such as Java or Flash Player, whereas some employ server-side scripting.

Question 6: A browser game is a ________ that is played on a web browser.
Video gameVideo game genresNonviolent video gamePersonal computer game

Question 7: These games were written using a combination of ________, JavaScript and the Document Object Model, collectively termed as dynamic HTML (DHTML).
HTML5XHTMLHTML5 videoCascading Style Sheets

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