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Brotherhood of the Wolf: Quiz


Question 1:
What company distributed Brotherhood of the Wolf?
United Artists ,
United International Pictures
Non-United Kingdom:
United Artists,

Question 2: The film then returns to the opening time period of the ________.
French DirectoryNational Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench Revolution

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Brotherhood of the Wolf have?
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Member for Martin
The Prelude
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West

Question 4:
When was Brotherhood of the Wolf released?
United States: January 1980
Canada and United States
United States wide release
United States:

Question 5: [8] Roger Ebert of the ________ wrote that this film is "entertaining".
Chicago Sun-Times330 North WabashTrump International Hotel and Tower (Chicago)Chicago Tribune

Question 6: Jean-Loup Wolff as ________ de Moncan

Question 7:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Brotherhood of the Wolf?
English intertitles

Question 8: She then ________ Fronsac, telling him he knows too much.
Arsenic poisoningMercury poisoningPoisonLead poisoning

Question 9: Fronsac is told that "officially" the Beast is dead, warned to keep his mouth shut, and bribed with an appointment to travel to ________.
SenegalMozambiqueGuinea-BissauCôte d'Ivoire

Question 10: Performing an ________, he finds a silver bullet, Jean-François's signature weapon.
Forensic pathologyDeathAutopsyPathology

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