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Question 1:
What genus does Brook trout belong to?

Question 2:
What classis does Brook trout belong to?

Question 3: Though commonly called a trout, the brook trout is actually a char, along with lake trout, ________, Dolly Varden and the Arctic char.
Bull troutBritish ColumbiaSalmonidaeBrown trout

Question 4: In Ontario and ________, efforts are under way to restore and recover coaster populations.

Question 5:
What phylum does Brook trout belong to?

Question 6: Due to mediocre results, the experiment never really progressed beyond ________.
OntarioManitoulin IslandSimcoe County, OntarioGeorgian Bay

Question 7:
What is the binomial of Brook trout?
Salvelinus fontinalis
Sula nebouxii
Psychotria forsteriana
Teucrium marum

Question 8: It provides food for seabirds and suffers attack by ________.
Mordacia mordaxLampreyMordacia praecoxPouched lamprey

Question 9: Many coaster populations have been severely damaged by overfishing and by habitat alterations, especially by the construction of ________ power dams, on their inflowing streams.
HydroelectricityPumped-storage hydroelectricityWind powerCoal

Question 10: The female constructs a depression in a location in the stream bed, sometimes referred to as a "redd", where ________ percolates upward through the gravel.


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