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Bronze Age in Europe: Quiz


Question 1: ________ brought new people to the islands from the continent.
Immigration to SpainImmigration to EuropeImmigrationImmigration to the United Kingdom since 1922

Question 2: The Minoan civilization based from ________ appears to have coordinated and defended its Bronze Age trade.
KnossosLabyrinthArthur EvansCrete

Question 3: Isotopic analysis of the tin in some Mediterranean bronze objects indicates it came from as far away as ________.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandGreat Britain

Question 4: It includes the Lusatian culture in eastern ________ and Poland ((1300-500 BC) that continues into the Iron Age.

Question 5: The Central European Bronze Age is followed by the Iron Age ________ (700-450 BC).
Hallstatt cultureCeltsLa Tène cultureGaul

Question 6: The Aegean Bronze Age begins around 3000 BC when civilizations first established a far-ranging ________ network.
International tradeTradeSilk RoadFree trade

Question 7: The late Bronze Age ________ culture, (1300 BC-700 BC) is characterized by cremation burials.
Ancient Near EastUnetice cultureUrnfield cultureTerramare culture

Question 8: This network imported tin and charcoal to ________, where copper was mined and alloyed with the tin to produce bronze.

Question 9: The period is divided into three phases ________ 2000-1500 BC; Middle Bronze Age 1500-1200 BC and Late Bronze Age 1200-c.500 BC.
Deverel-Rimbury cultureBronze Age BritainBronze AgeAncient Near East

Question 10: Ireland, is also known for a relatively large number of Early Bronze Age ________.
BurialDeath and cultureCremationDeath


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