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Question 1: The cost of copper-base alloys is generally higher than that of steels but lower than that of ________-base alloys.

Question 2: In Europe, the major source for tin was Great Britain's deposits of ore in ________, which were traded as far as Phoenicia in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Question 3: Tools, weapons, armor, and various ________, like decorative tiles, made of bronze were harder and more durable than their stone and copper ("Chalcolithic") predecessors.
TinAluminiumTitaniumBuilding material

Question 4: The word Bronze is believed to be cognate with the Italian: bronzo and German: brunst, perhaps ultimately taken from the Persian word birinj ("bronze") or possibly from the Latin name of the city of ________ (aes Brundusinum -Pliny).
BrindisiOstuniSan Vito dei NormanniCarovigno

Question 5: According to a legend (on the Zildjian cymbals website), in 1623, an Armenian man in Turkey named ________, an alchemist, was attempting to form base metals into gold.
Avedis Zildjian CompanyOzzy OsbourneBuddy RichNeil Peart

Question 6: It is hard and brittle, and it was particularly significant in antiquity, giving its name to the ________.
Ancient Near EastDeverel-Rimbury cultureBronze AgeBronze Age Britain

Question 7: Bronze resists ________ (especially seawater corrosion) and metal fatigue more than steel and is also a better conductor of heat and electricity than most steels.

Question 8: Initially bronze was made out of copper and ________ to form arsenic bronze.

Question 9: The earliest tin-alloy bronzes date to the late 4th millennium BC in Susa (________) and some ancient sites in Luristan (Iran) and Mesopotamia (Iraq).
PakistanIran–Iraq WarIranAzerbaijan

Question 10: [6] Copper-based alloys have lower ________ than steel or iron, and are more readily produced from their constituent metals.
LiquidMelting pointPhase transitionSolid

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