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Bromine: Quiz


Question 1: In 1991, an estimated 35,000 metric tonnes of the chemical were used to control nematodes, ________, weeds and other soil-borne diseases.

Question 2: Ethidium bromide, EtBr, is used as a ________ stain in gel electrophoresis.

Question 3: A wide variety of organobromine compounds are used in ________.
IndustrialisationEconomicsIndustryIndustrial Revolution

Question 4: ________ was widely used as pesticide to fumigate soil.
BromomethaneCarbon tetrachlorideMethyl iodideChloromethane

Question 5: Hydrogen H2 | Nitrogen N2 | Oxygen O2 | Fluorine F2 | Chlorine Cl2 | Bromine Br2 | Iodine I2 | ________ At2 |

Question 6: Bromine is a halogen, and is less reactive than ________ and more reactive than iodine.

Question 7: Several ________, agrichemicals, and pharmaceuticals are organobromine compounds.
DyeCochinealMordantAcid dye

Question 8: Bromine undergoes electrophilic addition to the double-bonds of ________, via a cyclic bromonium intermediate.

Question 9: With this liquid as a sample for his work he applied for a position in the laboratory of Leopold Gmelin in ________.

Question 10: Ethylene bromide was an additive in gasolines containing lead anti-________ agents.
Engine knockingFour-stroke engineDiesel engineInternal combustion engine


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