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Question 1: The term "broiler chicken" is very widely used in Pakistan and India, as it was in the former ________ and still nowadays in some eastern parts of Germany.
East GermanyCommunist stateSoviet UnionCommunist Romania

Question 2:
Where does Broiler come from?
Italy and USA
United Kingdom, no USA edition
United Kingdom & USA

Question 3:
What is Broiler's current status?

Question 4: A broiler is a type of ________ raised specifically for meat production.
ChickenCockfightChicken (food)Chicken soup

Question 5: If the litter in the pen is not properly managed to prevent birds from standing and resting in their ________, hock burns and foot ulcerations and blisters can occur.
ToiletCoprophagiaFecesHuman feces

Question 6: The term "broiler" is widely known in North America and ________ but not elsewhere in the English speaking world.
CanadaAustraliaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Because of their efficient meat conversion, broiler chickens are also popular in small ________ in rural communities, where a family will raise a small flock of broilers.
Agricultural policyIndustrial agricultureFamily farmUnited States


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