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Question 1: ________ generate lift from the top, rather than the side, and thus they are less prone to this form of broaching than other modern sail types.
LateenSail-planFore-and-aft rigSpinnaker

Question 2: Broaching most typically happens when a boat is on a ________ with spinnaker set and there is an overpowering weather helm.
PreventerPoints of sailBroach (sailing)Jibe

Question 3: A sailboat broaches when its heading suddenly changes towards the wind due to wind/sail interactions for which the ________ cannot compensate.
StrakeAircraft flight control systemCompassRudder

Question 4: One of the less obvious causes of broaching is an ________ developed when running downwind[1].
Harmonic oscillatorVibrationElectronic oscillatorOscillation


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