British prince: Quiz

Question 1: The title of ________ is at the will of the sovereign, who can both grant and revoke the title.
Royal and noble ranksEmperorMonarchyPrince

Question 2: George is used no fewer than twenty-one times – including six Kings George; Edward VII; Prince George, Duke of Kent and, currently, ________ and Prince Michael of Kent
Prince William of WalesPrince Harry of WalesCharles, Prince of WalesPrince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Question 3: The sovereign grants the titles of prince and styles of HRH or HH through the use of Letters Patent, ________, or by another expression of the royal will.
United KingdomOrder-in-CouncilHer Majesty's Most Honourable Privy CouncilBritish overseas territories

Question 4: Great-grandsons of the sovereign were princes styled His ________ (abbreviated HH).
Catholic MonarchSerene HighnessApostolic MajestyHighness

Question 5: With letters patent dated 28 May 1898, the Crown granted the children of the eldest son of any ________ the style of Royal Highness[2].
Prince of WalesDuke of CornwallCharles, Prince of WalesEdward VIII of the United Kingdom

Question 6: While in the Kingdom of Scotland, even though a honorific principality was created by James I, the heir was only referred to as ________.
Duke of CornwallDuke of EdinburghDuke of RothesayDuke of York

Question 7: It also allowed the creation as the ________ of those in immediate line of succession to the throne, with royal titles and living in close proximity.
Royal familyMerovingian dynastyJagiellon dynastyRoyal house

Question 8: William is borne by nineteen princes – Prince William, Duke of Cumberland; George III; William IV and, currently, ________ among them
Prince William of WalesPrince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince Harry of WalesCharles, Prince of Wales

Question 9: ________
Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of HanoverErnest Augustus, Duke of BrunswickErnest Augustus, Prince of Hanover (1914–1987)Prince George William of Hanover (1915–2006)

Question 10: Frederick occurs twenty times – including ________; Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Kings George III, IV, V and VI
Frederick, Prince of WalesCharles, Prince of WalesGeorge II of Great BritainEdward VII of the United Kingdom

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