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British nationality law: Quiz


Question 1: it is a Convention adoption under the 1993 Hague Convention on ________ effected on or after 1 June 2003 and the adopters are habitually resident in the United Kingdom on that date.
LGBT adoptionInternational adoptionChild launderingDisruption (adoption)

Question 2: Right of abode
Permanent resident (Australia)
Permanent resident (Canada)
New Zealand permanent residency
Belonger status
UK Ancestry Entry Clearance
British nationality law and Hong KongIndefinite leave to remainCommonwealth citizenBritish nationality law

Question 3: Persons from the Republic of Ireland (born before 1949) reclaiming ________ status under section 31 of the 1981 Act do not need to attend a citizenship ceremony.
British nationality lawBritish subjectBritish National (Overseas)British Overseas citizen

Question 4: British nationality law is the law of the ________ concerning citizenship and other categories of British nationality.
WalesEnglandUnited KingdomCanada

Question 5: These provide that citizens of EEA states and ________ automatically acquire permanent residence after 5 years resident in the United Kingdom exercising Treaty rights.

Question 6: For nationality purposes, the ________ and Isle of Man are generally treated as if they were part of the United Kingdom[citation needed].
EnglandScotlandJerseyChannel Islands

Question 7: See also ________
British nationality lawBritish subjectBritish nationality law and the Republic of IrelandHistory of British nationality law

Question 8: British Overseas Territories citizens connected to ________
Saint HelenaCayman IslandsTurks and Caicos IslandsGibraltar

Question 9: British citizen
British subject
British Overseas Territories citizen
British Overseas citizen
British protected person
Commonwealth citizen
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passportBritish passportPassportBritish National (Overseas)

Question 10: ________ (formerly British Dependent Territories citizenship) (BOTC)
British Overseas Territories citizenBritish nationality law and Hong KongBritish nationality lawBritish Overseas citizen


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