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Question 1:
What region does British Mandate of Palestine belong to?
Central Asia, the Middle East
the Middle East
Northeast East Timor

Question 2: The committee considered various scenarios and provided guidelines for negotiations with France, Italy, and Russia regarding the ________.
Treaty of LausanneTreaty of SèvresMiddle Eastern theatre of World War IPartitioning of the Ottoman Empire

Question 3: A legal analysis performed by the ________ noted that the Covenant of the League of Nations had provisionally recognized the communities of Palestine as independent nations.
Universal jurisdictionUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesInternational Court of JusticeUNESCO

Question 4: These constant demands influenced the negotiators and finally led to the inclusion of the whole Sea of Galilee, both sides of the ________, Lake Hula, Dan spring, and part of the Yarmouk.
JerichoJesusJordan RiverIsrael

Question 5:
Where does British Mandate of Palestine come from?
Czech Republic

Question 6: Within a month, the Italians attacked Palestine from the air, bombing Tel Aviv and ________.

Question 7:
What is British Mandate of Palestine's current status?
League of Nations Mandate
Updating every day

Question 8: Thirdly, the British responded to Arab opposition with the ________, which severely restricted Jewish land purchase and immigration.
PalestineWhite Paper of 1939Mohammad Amin al-HusayniBritish Mandate of Palestine

Question 9:
What is the capital of British Mandate of Palestine?

Question 10:
What is the currency of British Mandate of Palestine?
Straits dollar, until 1939
Jamaican dollar
Indian escudo
Palestinian pound


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