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Question 1: All other ranks in the BEF carried a .303 Lee Enfield rifle fitted with an easily loaded ten round magazine and issued with a 17 inches (430 mm) ________.
United StatesTrench knifeBayonetM16 rifle

Question 2: This period is called the ________ as the Germans aimed to turn the Allied left flank, and the Allies sought to turn the German right flank.
Hundred Days OffensiveRace to the SeaWestern Front (World War I)Spring Offensive

Question 3: Planning for a British Expeditionary Force began with the ________ of the British Army carried out by the Secretary of State for War Richard Haldane following the Second Boer War (1899–1902).
Haldane ReformsTerritorial and Reserve Forces Act 1907Volunteer Force (Great Britain)Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

Question 4: By the end of ________, both sides started to dig in and Trench Warfare took over from the manoeuvre warfare that had taken place during the Race to the sea.
First Battle of YpresBattle of the SommeWestern Front (World War I)Battle of Flirey

Question 5: The two initial ________ were commanded by Douglas Haig (I Corps) and Horace Smith-Dorrien (II Corps).
CorpsDivision (military)RegimentCompany (military unit)

Question 6: Then in September 1915, six divisions were involved in the ________ which is also notable for the first use of Poison gas by the British.
Battle of PasschendaeleBattle of the SommeWestern Front (World War I)Battle of Loos

Question 7: The ________ was the designation of the field force created by Canada for service overseas in the First World War.
World War ILee-EnfieldLewis GunCanadian Expeditionary Force

Question 8: Later in 1917, the brigade took part in the ________ and in the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele).
Battle of PasschendaeleWestern Front (World War I)Battle of Arras (1917)Battle of Vimy Ridge

Question 9: When the BEF landed in France each infantry battalion and cavalry regiment were equipped with two Vickers or ________.
Lewis GunLee-EnfieldMaxim gunLee-Metford

Question 10: The British Expeditionary Force or BEF was the force sent to the Western Front during ________.
Armenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWorld War ITechnology during World War I


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