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Question 1: [72] The destruction of the Russian Navy at the ________ during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05 also limited its threat to the British.
Battle of the Yellow SeaBattle of Port ArthurSiege of Port ArthurBattle of Tsushima

Question 2: The Indian Rebellion that year eventually led to the end of the East India Company and India came to be ruled directly by the ________.
British EmpireBengal PresidencyNorth BorneoBritish Raj

Question 3: The UK retains sovereignty over 14 territories outside the British Isles,[176] which were renamed the ________ in 2002.
United KingdomBermudaEnglandBritish overseas territories

Question 4: The ________ was a financial disaster for Scotland—a quarter of Scottish capital[31] was lost in the enterprise—and ended Scottish hopes of establishing its own overseas empire.
JacobitismDarien schemeColonial empireBritish Empire

Question 5: Fourteen territories remain under British sovereignty, the ________.
United KingdomBritish overseas territoriesEnglandBermuda

Question 6: The signing of the ________ had important consequences for the future of the British Empire.
Seven Years' WarFrench and Indian WarWest FloridaTreaty of Paris (1763)

Question 7: [150] Britain maintained a presence in the Middle East for another decade, withdrawing from ________ in 1967, and Bahrain in 1971.
YemenAden ProtectorateSouth YemenAden

Question 8: This began with the passing of the Act of Union in 1840, which created the ________.
Province of CanadaUpper CanadaProvince of Quebec (1763–1791)Lower Canada

Question 9: In 1620, Plymouth was founded as a haven for ________ religious separatists, later known as the Pilgrims.
EnglandPilgrim (Plymouth Colony)English ReformationPuritan

Question 10: Increasing degrees of autonomy were granted to its white ________, some of which were reclassified as dominions.
Portuguese EmpireBritish EmpireFranceSettler colonialism

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