British Army uniform and equipment in World War I: Quiz

Question 1: [5] This helmet had two celluloid eyepieces, but there was no way to expel the ________ build up inside the mask .
Carbon dioxideCarbon sinkCarbon cycleGreenhouse gas

Question 2: The first delivery of a protective steel helmet (the ________) to the British Army was in 1915.
Personnel Armor System for Ground TroopsGarrison capM1 HelmetBrodie helmet

Question 3: The soldier was issued with the 1908 pattern webbing for carrying personnel equipment and he was armed with the ________ rifle.
Lewis GunLee-EnfieldVickers machine gunBren light machine gun

Question 4: When ________ began a single four gun battery was attached to each infantry division of the BEF.
Western Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWorld War I

Question 5: As part of a series of reforms following the ________, a darker khaki serge was adopted in 1902, for service dress in Britain itself.
South African Wars (1879–1915)Second Boer WarSanna's PostSouth Africa

Question 6: The 60 pounder guns were formed into "Heavy Batteries" in the ________ operated by the Royal Garrison Artillery and used mainly for counter-battery fire (i.e.
World War IWestern Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignArmenian Genocide

Question 7: ________
British Army during World War IBritish Army uniform and equipment in World War IBuffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)Cavalry Corps (United Kingdom)

Question 8: The fuses that were developed for the Jam Tin Grenade were activated by friction or a by lighted taper which was often replaced by a lighted ________.
Tobacco advertisingCigaretteSmokingTobacco smoking

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