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Question 1: ________
RNIB College, LoughboroughWelbeck Defence Sixth Form CollegeLoughborough CollegeWyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College

Question 2: In the Far East, the British army battled the Japanese in ________.

Question 3: The British Army does not have its own specific ensign, unlike the Royal Navy, which uses the ________, and the RAF, which uses the Royal Air Force Ensign.
British ensignRed EnsignWhite EnsignUnion Flag

Question 4: see also: ________
Leopard 1M47 PattonLeopard 2Tank formations during the Cold War

Question 5: Formed in 1941, the SAS is considered the role model for many other ________ units in the world.
CommandoCentral Intelligence AgencySpecial forcesSpecial Activities Division

Question 6: Under Oliver Cromwell, the English Army had been active in the conquest, and the settlement, of ________ in the 1650s.
IrelandIrish peopleNorthern IrelandWales

Question 7: Advances in technology saw advent of the tank, with the creation of the Royal Tank Regiment, and advances in aircraft design, with the creation of the ________, which were to be decisive in future battles.
Sopwith CamelRoyal Aircraft Factory B.E.2Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5Royal Flying Corps

Question 8: ________
MILANSA80Barrett M82Modern equipment of the British Army

Question 9: The Second World War broke out in 1939 with the German invasion of ________.

Question 10: The new British Army incorporated Regiments that had already existed in England and Scotland and was administered by the War Office from ________.

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