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British Airways Flight 38: Quiz


Question 1: The 150-________ aircraft was the first Boeing 777 to be written off in the model's 12 year history. [3][12][13][14]
TonneUnited States customary unitsKilogramMetric system

Question 2: [1] A ________ has been filed against Boeing by passengers.
AnswerLawsuitClass actionDefault judgment

Question 3: In early 2009, Boeing sent an update to aircraft operators, identifying the problem as specific to the Rolls-Royce engine oil-fuel flow ________.
Shell and tube heat exchangerFoulingWaterHeat exchanger

Question 4: Captain Burkill and Senior First Officer Coward were grounded for a month following the crash while they were assessed for ________.
Major depressive disorderAnxiety disorderPosttraumatic stress disorderBipolar disorder

Question 5: National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has offered its assistance in the investigation, as has the manufacturer, ________.
Kraft FoodsMcDonald'sBoeingCaterpillar Inc.

Question 6: They have lodged a lawsuit with the Circuit Court of Cook County in ________, in the United States.

Question 7: It also passed near a car which had just dropped off the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ________[1][7] Four crew members and eight passengers were taken to hospital.
Gordon BrownJames CallaghanHugh GaitskellTony Blair

Question 8: In attempting to maintain the instrument landing system (ILS) glide slope, the ________ sacrificed speed, reducing airspeed to 108 knots at 200 feet (61 m).
Aircraft flight control systemAutopilotGlass cockpitInertial navigation system

Question 9: The autopilot disconnected at 175 feet (53 m) and the aircraft landed on the grass approximately 1,000 feet (300 m) short of ________ 27L.
AirportRunwayAir safetyUnited States

Question 10: [2] It was the first accident that resulted in a ________ hull loss.
Boeing 787Boeing 747Boeing 777Boeing 767


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