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Brinkmanship: Quiz


Question 1: This might be achieved through ________ maneuvers by creating the impression that one is willing to use extreme methods rather than concede.

Question 2: The dangers of brinkmanship as a political or diplomatic tool can be understood as a ________: In order for brinkmanship to be effective, the threats used are continuously escalated.
Begging the questionAmbiguityIgnoratio elenchiSlippery slope

Question 3: Did you mean ________?
Mutual assured destructionJoseph StalinHarry S. TrumanBrinkmanship (Cold War)

Question 4: Originally the term brinkmanship was coined by Secretary of State ________ under the Eisenhower administration, during the Cold War.
George MarshallJohn Foster DullesJohn F. KennedyHarry S. Truman

Question 5: It occurs in ________, foreign policy, labour relations, poker, and (in contemporary settings) military strategy involving the threatened use of nuclear weapons.
International relationsPolitical philosophyFederalismIdeology

Question 6: ________ also instituted brinkmanship conspicuously during his rise to power.
SchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerNazi PartyNazi Germany

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