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Question 1: A brigadier-general is the lowest rank of ________, the Army and Air Force equivalent of a Naval flag officer.
Second LieutenantMilitary rankBrigadier GeneralGeneral officer

Question 2: This is due to the use of the rank of ________ and its derivatives to designate all general officers in the Air Force: brigadier (lowest general officer) brigadier-major (middle) and brigadier-general (highest).
Military rankBrigadier GeneralMajor GeneralBrigadier

Question 3: ________: général de brigade aérienne
FranceItalyUnited KingdomCanada

Question 4: The ________ uses the rank of général de brigade (French) and brigadegeneraal (Dutch).
BelgiumBrusselsBelgian Land ComponentM2 Browning machine gun

Question 5: Charles de Gaulle, held the rank of ________.
Military rankSecond LieutenantBrigadier GeneralMajor General

Question 6: ________ (Continental Army, New Hampshire Militia)
1st New Hampshire RegimentRobert Rogers (soldier)American Revolutionary WarJohn Stark

Question 7: In the ________, the 2 star, 3 star and 4 star are known as Brigadeiro (Brigadier), Major-Brigadeiro (Major-Brigadier) and Tenente-Brigadeiro-do-Ar (Lieutenant-Air-Brigadier) respectively.
Brazilian ArmyEmbraerBrazilian Air ForceBrazilian Armed Forces

Question 8: ________: Général de brigade / Brigadegeneraal
United KingdomBelgiumSpainDenmark

Question 9: The cap insignia for a general officer is a modified version of the Canadian Forces insignia; the collar insignia (Army generals only) is two crossed ________.
SwordSabreSzablaUnited States Marine Corps

Question 10: ________ (Brevet US Army)
American Old WestKit CarsonBuffalo BillBilly the Kid


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