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Question 1: The typical ________ standard brigade consists of approximately 4,000 to 5,000 troops.
Central Intelligence AgencyNATOAfghanistanNon-Aligned Movement

Question 2: A brigade is a military formation that is typically composed of two to five regiments or battalions, depending on the era and nationality of a given ________.
Army historyDivision (military)Field armyArmy

Question 3: In the ________, the brigade has always been the smallest tactical formation, since regiments are either administrative groupings of battalions (in the infantry) or battalion-sized units (in the cavalry).
Australian ArmyAustralian Defence ForceRoyal Australian Air ForceRoyal Australian Navy

Question 4: In addition, the headquarters will include additional junior staff officers, ________, and enlisted support personnel in the occupational specialities of the staff sections; these personnel will ordinarily be assigned to the brigade's headquarters and headquarters company.
Non-commissioned officerLance CorporalCorporalSergeant

Question 5: In the ________, a brigade is smaller than a division and roughly equal to or a little larger than a regiment.
United States Marine CorpsUnited States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Army Africa

Question 6: The "brigada" was the ancient form of the modern "________".
Division (military)Task forceBritish ArmyMilitary organization

Question 7: In the ________, "brigade" was also the term used for a battalion-sized unit until 1938, when "regiment" was adopted.
Royal Irish Regiment (1992)British ArmyRoyal ArtilleryThe Rifles

Question 8: In the ________, brigades are only formed for certain missions.
United States Marine CorpsUnited States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Navy

Question 9: It was introduced during the Thirty Years' War to overcome the lack of coordination between normal army structure consisting of ________ by appointing a senior officer.
CorpsCompany (military unit)RegimentDivision (military)

Question 10: Army has moved to a new generic ________ formation which contain combat elements and their support units, and is standard across the active U.S.
StrykerM1129 Mortar CarrierBrigade combat teamM1128 Mobile Gun System

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